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Contact:   Taylor Reed, Owner/Operator (979) 482-0714 or email taylor@usedmagicillusions.com

WHY BUY OR SELL WITH USED MAGIC ILLUSIONS?  We are magic pros with over 45 years in the magic industry.   This offers a lot of advantages.  We have an extensive database of illusionists and what they are looking for.   Many illusions that we offer for sale don't even make it online because we sell them through our database first. 

As magicians, we know illusions inside and out.   We know how to make/suggest minor fixes on illusions that might seem overwhelming to some, but we make it an easy process to turn an illusion into a spectacular illusion. 

We handle all shipping - there is no hassle.  We also specialize in shipping overseas.   All you need to provide is dimensions and weight, and we do the rest.  We also see the shipment through to the end.  This cuts out a lot of the headache for the buyer and the seller. 

We know how to handle payments.  We accept a wide variety of payments to accommodate virtually every need.

We spend TIME with you.   We don't just get your listing, post it, and hope for a sale.  We PROMOTE your listing. 

SELLERS - you do not have to pay for shipping upfront.  Since we handle shipping, the amount is collected at the beginning, so there is no wait for you to be reimbursed shipping.

There are many more reasons to list with us.   Just try us - and we'll prove it!


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