How We Operate:

For Buyers

  • We require that you purchase illusion by either bank wire or by Cashier's Check.  Please note:  Though bank wire is more costly than sending a Cashier's Check, it is quicker.  Due to the amount of fraud going on right now, a payment with a Cashier's Check could be placed on hold for up to 10 business days.  You, as the buyer, are responsible for all fees in addition to the sales price of the illusion or effect whether you choose to pay through bank wire or Cashier's Check.  We will also accept Paypal.  Please know that Paypal can charge up to 4.9% and sometimes more.  If you choose to pay with Paypal, that cost will be added to your total cost.


  • Once we receive your payment and it has cleared the bank (generally 1 business day for bank wire, up to 10 business days after receipt of Cashier's Check, or 3-5 business days with Paypal), we will notify the owner of the illusion to prepare for shipping.  The owner will let us know the dimensions and weight of the illusion or effect, and we will pass that information along to you, as the buyer.  You will then get quotes from shipping companies and choose the shipping method that is best for you and for the owner.  We will notify you once the item has shipped.  Upon receipt of the item, you will have 24 hours to determine that it is to your satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied, you will have to pay for the shipping back to the owner of the illusion.  Once the owner receives that illusion back and says it is in the same condition as it was when he/she sent it, we will then refund your money.  We hate to have to be this particular, but we have come across some that cannot be pleased and have tried to return an illusion that was exactly what it was said to be.


  • We highly recommend that you purchase insurance.  If you do not purchase insurance, we are not responsible for the damage to the item.  If the item is damaged in transit and you did not purchase insurance, the owner will still be paid their asking price for the illusion and you keep the damaged illusion and will be out the cost.   It is very important to remember that shipping is always the responsibility of the buyer and at times that may also require the purchase of a crate to ship the illusion or effect in.


  • Used Magic Illusions and the Seller ARE NOT responsible for any additional fees on illusions/props that your country may add such as, but not limited to customs, broker fees (to help complete customs),  and government taxes.  We and the Seller are also not responsible for any additional fees such as if your item requires a special truck that needs a gate lift, mileage fees, etc. if you choose to have the item delivered to your door.  These above fees cannot be estimated in the shipping quote; therefore, you need to plan for any additional fees that your country or place of shipment may require.  


  • You may not return the item because you decide you do not like it or don't need it anymore.  If you return the item without trying to resolve the situation first, your money will not be refunded.


  • Please note:  If you request a to put a deposit down to hold an item, this deposit is non-refundable.   We are sorry that we cannot give this money back, but it is incentive to follow through with your order and it keeps us from losing money on a possible sale that could have taken place with another buyer while we were holding the item for you.


  • If for some reason it is determined by all parties that you may receive a refund of your purchase, please note we are unable to return shipping fees, bank wiring fees, and/or Paypal charges.  This is money that does not come back to us; therefore, we cannot return it.  


  • Important for overseas buyers:   When your item ships, we have to give it a declared value, which is generally your purchase price.   However, if you contact us and request that we claim a lower declared value than what you paid, that is the amount you will receive as refund should something happen in transit.  For instance, if you purchase an illusion for $1,500, but request that we ship the illusion with a declared value of $1,000, and then it gets ruined in shipping, the seller will receive their full requested sales price, and you will receive the $1,000 back from the shipping company because this is the amount you requested as the declared value.


  • Some illusions involve some danger.  By purchasing any illusion, the Buyer agrees that Used Magic Illusions, Taylor Reed, and any other affiliations are not responsible for any injuries, deaths, etc. that may occur from the purchase and/or use of said illusions such as, but not limited to, water torture cell, death drops, sawing illusions, etc. 


  • Terms may change at any time.



For Sellers:

  • As a seller, we understand that you are trusting us with a piece of magic that you spent your hard earned money on.  Therefore, we try to protect you as well as the buyers.  By entrusting us to sell your illusion or effect, we ask that you give us exclusivity for 90 days to sell your illusion or effect.  This gives us time to exhaust all contacts and options in selling your illusion.


  • Once we sell your illusion or effect and receive payment for it, we will notify you to prepare for shipping.  After the illusion or effect has been shipped and received, we give the buyer 24 hours upon receipt to confirm that he or she is satisfied with the illusion or effect.  Upon satisfactory confirmation receipt of illusion or effect, we will send your money within 1 business day.  We generally pay sellers from our checking account.  As stated above in the Buyers Section, banks are now putting holds on Cashier's Checks and Money Orders for up to 10 business days.  We will be happy to send your money this way if you would still prefer this method.  However, there is a $5.00 charge for the Cashier's Check.  We will also be willing to wire you your payment for a fee of $30.00.   We are willing to try to accommodate your needs as much as we can.


  • When you entrust us to sell your illusion or effect,  you state a price that you would like for that item.  That is your sales price.  We add a fee to each illusion or effect based on what we believe is a fair selling value.  Please note that our listed sales price is generally not the the amount we receive due to negotiations, etc.  Occasionally, we may contact you about offers that we receive.  You are not obligated to accept those offers, but we at least have to try in order to move your illusion or effect .


  • By allowing us to list your illusion or effect, you are giving us the right to use whatever means necessary to move the item such as, but not limited to, the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website, etc. 


  • Terms may change at any time.


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